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8 definitions by NRG

It's better than "lol"
"I'm wearing your underwear hahghah!"
by NRG January 02, 2003
kids that use aol. kids that speak 'leik dis'. kids who can't type.
"WHAT?! You can't direct connect because you're using AOL? You Lam0r.."
by NRG January 02, 2003
A pal, aquaintance.
"What's going down, homebox?"
by NRG January 02, 2003
A cyber cafe with low cost gaming prices, great computers, great server, and great customer service.
by nrg June 20, 2003
A word to describe you can jump high, synonym of "ups" or "hops".
"Oh Oh, Kobe got boots!"
by NRG October 05, 2004
Liquid of some kind, usually from fruit.
"That's some damned good peach joos!"
by NRG January 02, 2003
Hyperactive Sex Prodigy
Krisp, ffs, stop touching SaM and Chris!!!!!
by nrg June 24, 2003