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1. One who is so poor, that they lack toilet paper, and are forced to use sand as a replacement.
Commonly used to call somebody very poor. A common term for a sandmann is 'Sandy Cheeks'
2. One who is irritated because they have sand up their ass
1. Elias is such a sandmann! He can't even afford to wipe his ass with dirt! I call him Mr.Sandy Cheeks
2. Elias is such a sandmann! I asked him for a dollar and he started shouting at me!
by NOeskimos April 20, 2009
A fighting style which contains a mix of various martial arts and just plain punching and kicking.
"Wow! Joe just went crazy violent on Bob! What fighting style was that?"
"Oh, it was partial arts."
by NOeskimos April 14, 2009
1. When someone cooks an extremely rare steak, or other piece of meat.

2.In video games, particularly in shooters, when the player sprays randomly without aiming, usually with a machine gun.
1. "This steak is so nasty! It's done Rambo Style; it looks like Rambo done shot somebody up all over in front of it!"
2. "What a freakin' noob! All he does is run at the other team and go Rambo Style!"
by NOeskimos September 20, 2009
To take back the shanking of an object or person.
"Sorry, man, I didn't mean to shank you", is a deshankification.
by NOeskimos April 06, 2009
1. A racial derogatory term for eskimos.
2. The equivalent of the 'n' word for blacks.
1. "Damn! Get these eskees out of this place! I hate them!
2. "Yo, what up, eskee?"
by NOeskimos April 14, 2009

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