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When one urinates on another person for no apparent reason other than the obvious that its hilarious. (There does not have to be a jellyfish sting)
That Goldenshower in Florida was so nice and warm.
by NICKAPLEZ March 25, 2009
Attractive Italian woman who are often hypocritical and have dirty feet.
Brizillas are females who judge you on your appearance towards society and doesn't alow things to happen if they will hurt your reputation.
by NICKAPLEZ March 25, 2009
The little divots and wrinkles on fat peoples butt cheeks that you cant help but notice.
We went to the lake and saw a fat lady who had the biggest Asscrater on her rump.
by NICKAPLEZ March 25, 2009
When you look at someone and you see their mouth moving, but don't here the words. Often used to replace the words coming out of the speakers mouth.
I was trying to listen to my professor today in class, but all I heard was Shkibatahwabatah.
by NICKAPLEZ March 25, 2009
When one wakes up and cant use the restroom due to a morning log. Often occurs to young males.
This morning I went the toilet and had the worst Virginhaironmypudda.
by NICKAPLEZ March 25, 2009
Someone who acts in a manor that calls for making fun of. Typically has lack of balls and acts like a female. Not to be confused with Homosexuals.
That dude last night was such a Gina. I wish that we would of beat his a$$.
by NICKAPLEZ March 25, 2009
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