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All hackers have the good ethic and respect for machines that do not belong to them. If you do not have this ethic than you are not a hacker you are a cracker.
Hackers only seek information, and knowledge. Using this for good and to advance their abilities.
by Nath November 07, 2004
a weasel like creature that just "cant be arsed" because the lazy blighter is too undernourished. Often found on the sofa the whole day after a night on the lash. also see Gandhi, the thin man, rat boy, Jack
Look at Gandhi the thin man, what a lazy mongrat.
by Nath February 09, 2004
The girli that made my nails beautiful. Oh yeah Kariann is the neatest person ever. She is silly cause she thinks she could beat me up. What she forgets is that I have a blackbelt in Kari-Tae.
I used the strategy I learned in Kari-Tae to win the line game.
by Nath November 10, 2004
Saying commonly used by Larry The Cable Guy. Could mean anything, including sex.
"She asked me to help shave her....so there I was, shaving her back. Get 'er' done."
by nath March 19, 2005
concocted from the murky imagination of a wrestling commentator with a penchant for wearing a crown and having a long shiny staff. ofen time seen ogling young fillies of the wrestling community. taken to mean something that is generally outrageous or not usually seen - can be used in a good or bad sense
jesus! we got in a HELLATIOUS fight with those damn pikeys last night


look at her, she is HELLATIOUSLY FIT
by NATH July 16, 2003
german word for ass. commonly used when you aren't allowed to cuss in english.
you are a fucking Esel!
by nath February 26, 2005
Comedian. Anyone who says he sucks should be sent to Russia and tied to a tree to starve. He is one of the coolst comedians on the planet.
My sister is covered in moles.
by nath March 19, 2005

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