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A person with inferior intelect

See also - StarShit, StarPie
OmFg your soo starpoe!
by N/A July 21, 2004
people with bad grammer and bad sentence structure. They cant spell or read. Thats why they are in lit block

lit block can also mean that your illeterate

LB= lit block
hahhaha that gurl is in Litblock
damn your talken in lit block
wtf i dont understand litblock
omg that was so LB dude
by n/a June 11, 2003
1. A british bastard that cares only for awesome video cards

2. Many have the hope that he may one day join in the fight against Garrison
Wicked is an british person
by n/a April 18, 2005
comes from the latin "susan" meaning LEGEND. Origininating in Westhill. The word "sudie" started off in a small school. The founder is the legendary scientist C.L.Runcie.
*when signing in on msn*
by N/A March 30, 2005

A short-tempered being with piles.
Jamie is a Wroe i.e. GAY
by n/a January 26, 2005
Une Garce
mon mere est mme day!
by N/A October 24, 2003
A type of physical affliction closely resembling a pinch. Most often accompanied by a high-pitched cry of "MONKEY BIIIITE!!!"
-Michael Sue
by N/A June 07, 2003
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