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A grocery store where which the courtesy clerks MUST take the customers groceries to his or her vehicle, ran or shine!
Taking out peoples shit fucking sucks
by N/A September 26, 2004
Communist grocery store in which customers don't know how to choose between paper or plastic. Also at least one manager must be a dike. Chosen by old people and lazy bastards.
Ukrops sucks. If you get the opportunity to work there, don't. If considering it, bash your head into the corner of an end table until coma is reached.
by Axxl May 24, 2008
Conservative Christian chain of supermarkets in Central Virginia and surrounding areas that attracts the rich, spoiled,crotchety, close-minded, and Jim Jones-like people of Virginia, which is basically everyone.
Ukrop's at Harbour Pointe, Ukrop's at Chesterfield Towne center, Sycamore Square Ukrop's, etc.
by Gregorovitch December 04, 2007

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