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Originated from Canada. It is a term used mostly in the hockey world of Canada. Gong Show baically means "out of control"
When i walked into the washroom Ian and Adam were having a gong show of a power shower
by N/A June 20, 2004
Same defination as fuck but it is stated with not such certainity and confidence. It is stated very smoothly and calmly, and stated as a question. Usually stated when one is not sure if he/she should actually say fuck, or doesn't find it necessary to say fuck with aggression.
<A baby drops something from its mouth on your foot>
You: fuck?
by N/A October 19, 2004
Chin Dimple
Dude! Ben Affleck's got a huge chimple.
by N/A August 20, 2003
All boys high school in Rochester, NY. Brother school to Our Lady of Mercy High School. A sausage fest, yes, but those are the breaks.
"Everyone calls it McQuaid. Seriously, how many people do you know that say, 'I'm going to McQuaid Jesuit High School?'
by N/A March 30, 2005
Refers to the amount and rate at which a liquid (or gas) enters or leaves a surface. Mostly used in engineering courses, but it is also seen in vector calculus.
Find the flux of the vector function F(x,y,z)=xyi+y^2*arctan(y*z)j-exp(2*x*z) over the unit sphere z=p^2.
by N/A April 19, 2004
The flagship and offical airlines of Germany.
by n/a August 08, 2003
1.) A person in NY.
2.) One who is extremely fat and eats everything possible in sight; a fat ass.
"The guy in McDonald's is such a schmarder."
"I hope I never have to share a seat on the bus with a schmarder again, the seat almost broke!"
by N/A April 21, 2005

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