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The compartment in almost any vehicle that is on the passenger's side. Used to keep old-fashioned driving gloves in. Now used for ect. items.
guy 1:Could you get the gun out of the glove compartment ?
guy 2:It's locked. Why do you need it?
guy 3:My grandfather often snoops around in my car... he might take it and who knows what will happen.
by MyGroovySmoothie July 31, 2010
Explosions of pure joy in your heart over something new and exciting.
bam shbam ! I'm so excited to learn these dance moves! BAM SHBAM!
by MyGroovySmoothie August 19, 2010
A Little Debbie® Frosted Fudge Cake with delicious chocolate layers.
I just gained 10 pounds this week! Must be the chocolate hot dog ...
by MyGroovySmoothie August 05, 2010

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