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MTD, or MySpace Transmitted Disease, is something you implicitly have when you are added by a girl with a webcam. They are nasty people, who in all likeliness do not care who they ask to be their freinds, they just want to be "watched". These can also be contracted by people who are added by MySpace whores, aka people with over 200 friends who are not musicians.
"'Hey man, check this out! 'hi! i'm jennifer and i'm kinda new to this, but ur 2 cute!!! i also have a ****free webcam**** check it out!!!!' 'Sick, I can already feel the MTD settling in.'"

by Kate Baynham December 03, 2006
Mentally Transmitted Disease
Frank went to church one time and believed what they said, now he has an MTD
by brandonger November 15, 2007
Acronym mean "mouth to dick".
Guy 1: "Hey, how'd your date with sara go?"
Guy 2: "Good"
Guy 1: "Did she give you any mtd action?"
Guy 2: "Nah, but some mtd would've been nice though."
by Rick R. March 20, 2006
MTD is the maximum time a critical process can be down, or hindered in some way, without irreparable harm to the business. It’s typically calculated as part of a business impact analysis (BIA).
what is the MTD for this database server ?
by aboola February 14, 2013
This is someone of a myspace nature addiction. (Myspace Transmitted Disease)
Cory: My damn brother is an M.T.D.

Erika: Is that worse than aids
by Cory Sanabria December 09, 2006
A person who's clumsy, slow, and doesn't speak a sentence of correct English.
A person who has MTD never gets a joke, constantly trips over things that's been there forever, and pronounces iron as "i-ron".
by Mai N June 08, 2010
A musically transmitted disease
Person two: Why are you singing that?
Person one: My friend "Bob" gave me an MTD
by AnnaBearr July 06, 2009
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