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2 definitions by Mudkipps

Traces back to Roman civil law, where one's social status (civil liberties) are so degraded they resemble those of a pariah, enemy combatant, or slave.

According to internet Conspiracy Theory, it also refers to the capitalization of one's name on their birth certificate, license, bank account, etc.. as a result of one's Social Security Number which locks one into a lifetime of debt (slavery) to the matrix. The capitalized name represents one's fictional legal/corporate identity.

Why else would They completely capitalize your name on everything "official" and "legal"?
"{Capitis diminutio maxima is} The highest kind of capitis diminutio, when liberty was lost, which carried with it citizenship and family." (Burrill)
by Mudkipps August 28, 2008
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a male dildo; masturbation sleeve; fleshlight.
"oh man my new dildack feels just like a real pussy!!"
by Mudkipps February 02, 2008
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