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A social outcast, one who doesn't fit in with the morals of society. Derived from the caste sytem, in which it was the lowest one could be.
I was a pariah, though I didn't know why. Mini-skirts, army boots, and huge t-shirts always worked for me at my old school...
by Gwyneth January 28, 2003
an individual who is socially outcaste from the mainstream, or one who feels as though he is.

a peerless, shunned, or lonely human being.
i felt like a total pariah in junior high... i didn't really fit in anywhere.
by dagger_grrl February 14, 2004
An evil species of gibbon spider, they are attracted to Caucasians, and during mating, plant eggs inside the humans which mature and hatch after twelve months, releasing a baby gibbon spider that kills its host and proceeds to devour the corpse afterwards.
Argh! A Pariah!
by fvsaeliufvb March 27, 2003
Duelist, a damn good one
Look... There is pariah^ playing Tribes2...

Man he can duel
by Thomas Copeland November 21, 2003
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