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5 definitions by Ms. Roxx

A vagina that is used frequently; rode hard and put away wet.
We were just about to have sex so I went down to check out the merchandise but all I found was a dirty beef curtain.
by Ms. Roxx January 02, 2004
Similiar to fucko in meaning but one step closer to being a complete dick.
I would call you a fucko but that's too nice, pricko!
by Ms. Roxx January 05, 2004
phrase, to end an argument with a significant other by an immediate aggressive sexual advance, redcing the situation to laughter.
We were arguing about bills when i pulled a grab n' grope which stopped the qualm immediatley and ended in laughter.
by Ms. Roxx January 02, 2004
n., an acronym for 'mullet in progress'; a discreet method of mullet identification in public.
As you and your friend stop into the local convienience store for a slushie, you spot a tall, white and trashy gentleman sporting what appears to be a mullet. To notify your friend, without making it obvoious your making fun of the mullet, a quick 'mip' and a hand signal will let them know where to look to see the WT.
by Ms. Roxx January 02, 2004
A code way to say 'top heavy'; meaning large tits, without offending said carrier.
Hey...2 'o clock, tom petty.
by Ms. Roxx January 05, 2004