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A person that tells everybody's business;Someone that lies to save their ass.
"I don't fuck wit that boy Tony, he a damn snitch."
by Mrz. Chievous November 19, 2005
Junkies; A group of drug users of heroin, cocaine, or crack.
"I gotta get outta herre its too many g'damn j's!!"
by Mrz. Chievous November 19, 2005
1)A rating
2)The way something looks
1)Q:"Why the hell does she have on them shiny ass
A:"That's poor as hell."
2)When a person has spinning hubcaps.
3)When someone has on a jersey,timbs, fresh jays(jordans), but some girbauds(brand of jeans)that are tight around the ankle.
by Mrz. Chievous November 19, 2005

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