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colloquial definition of the actions of person(s) that exhibit enlightened self awareness, typically with regard to sexual awareness, relationships (esp alternative relationship combinations).

Fully mature exponents of rampant sluttery also demonstrate advanced sensitivity behind a superficial veneer of availability.

When used in it's original form, rampant sluttery is both a compliment (adj) and descriptive of a particular action or behaviour(s).
Oh dear, you have such rampant sluttery that I am in awe of the way you managed to fully engage in that situation, get all your needs filled and still maintain style and grace.
by Mrgrufffy November 27, 2008
This miracle device was designed, constructed and distributed by Stoney, a notorious character inhabiting the AussieVapers.com forum, the globally pre-eminent vaping forum.

A special form of FRED fucking ridiculous electronic device) that measures a range of actual characteristics of Personal Vaporisers with atomiser attached. A quote from the source of truth;

"The ECDmeter (Electronic Cigarette Digital Meter) was developed to take the guesswork out of vaping. with a mod, or even an eGo.
If you use an adjustable voltage device, you are already aware of the advantages but often, it is not apparent exactly what the mod is doing. at all times. Many will not do what is being requested of them. and it is not apparent to the user most of the time.
Voltage and current displayed on this meter are accurate to better than 1%.

The rms Voltage displayed on this meter when a PWM device is detected is not the same as the average displayed by most multimeters and is the only way to correctly indicate the voltage."

This genius device belies it's ugly ducking appearance and delivers tremendous intelligence to the curious, lucky and discerning vaper.
I was quite unsure how my vape and atty was performing with the new setup, but with the hep of my ECDmeter I now know exactly what's going on.

Stand over there, this group is only for people who vape like a Sir, Sir Isaac Newton that is, for we have Stoney ECDmeters. Feel the envy created by your vaping ignorance?
by MrGrufffy April 15, 2013
A frilly under garment, worn by all users of Provari personal vapourisers.
Oh look, that bloke bending over is showing a fair glimse of his provariskirt.
by MrGrufffy April 13, 2013

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