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Mountain Dew's weight gainer drink that was cunningly disguised as a delicious blue soda which they happened to release sometime during bathingsuit season 2008. the name Voltage was derived from the fact that they jampacked the calories of 6 sodas into 1 can of soda...Voltage will make you very fat, very fast.
Q: does this Voltage make my ass look fat?

A: yes. very.
by thumbass January 20, 2009
cool, awesome, wicked, etc.
Used in the book Monster High by Lisi Harrison
That is so voltage!
by FrankieUlaD November 07, 2010
As in, "TaC°Voltage". The best. Ever. A genius god.
Also used:
Someone who plays lots of games and yet has time for an equal amount of sports
"TaC°Voltage owned me so bad..."
"Damn man, he's sporty and smart... a regular voltage..."
by anonymous February 02, 2005
A drunken welshman who likes to ride his bicycle
F**k me you ride like a voltage
by Anonymous July 07, 2003