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Anyone who spams online.
"These diploma spassholes are everywhere! Get a life!!"
by Mr_Puttle October 28, 2009
Exititis is a specific type of human behavior often associtated with freeway or highway vehicle drivers who speed up and cut across traffic to exit. A common form of exititis is for the driver of the exiting vehicle to cut across, not one, but often, two lanes of traffic just in front of a responsible driver in the right lane. Due to the speed reduction in the exit lane, this type of driver always hits the brakes hard due to excessive speed. This malady exists worldwide and has no known cure.
The three car accident was caused by exititis in the jerk driving the SUV.
by Mr_Puttle October 28, 2009
Puttle is a simple, competitive putting game for people of all ages and abilities. Puttle combines the precision of golf putting with the excitement of knocking over pins, such as those used in bowling, but only smaller. Scoring in Puttle is the same as golf, low score is the best score. Tournament Puttle is played at a distance of twelve feet, but you can Puttle at any length. Children can handicap their Puttle experience by putting at a distance equal to their age, up to twelve. A six year old would putt from six feet, a twelve year old would Puttle from twelve feet. Scores are tallied after nine or eighteen putts.
"I can't wait to play in The Puttle Tour championship! The trophy is a 30 oz beer tankard, sweet!"
by Mr_Puttle October 28, 2009

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