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When the male recipient of anal sex either doesn't achieve or loses his erection during penetration. As he recieves anal sex his flacid member flops around in a circular manner.
"You are so gay you watched that flop copter until it gained altitude."

"I was really turned on while she was pegging me but i was still spinning a flop copter the whole time."
by Mr_Hand November 07, 2009
A secondary residence or borrowed home where one takes another person for sex when they don't want that person to know their primary residence.
"I picked her up at this bar and took her to my stab shack downtown. She was hot but a total stalker so at least she doesn't know where I live"

"Brad let's me use his place as a stab shack when he's out of town."
by Mr_Hand November 06, 2009

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