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what happens when you can't zwim.
In chemistry, it'z either zinc or zwim
by MrWizard August 09, 2005
Any cooking method wherein the food turns out tasting like crap.
Man, I croasted that chicken; let's order some pizza instead.
by MrWizard August 04, 2005
Parking Lot Duck. Also know as lot ducks, asphalt ducks, etc.

Seagulls, are now to be known as parking lot ducks, when found on parking lots, and other asphalt surfaces. As far as anyone can tell the phrase was made up by Cory Goltiani, as he drove through a few parking lots dodging "the parking lot ducks" The phrase was an instant hit and now people all over are using it.
Good lord look at all those parking lot ducks waiting for garbage to eat!
#seagull #gulls #mud duck #bacon #asphalt #duck #goose #goose egg
by mrwizard June 24, 2013
The practice of eating pistachios
I picked up a pound on Monday and I've been staching ever since.
by MrWizard August 04, 2005
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