20 definitions by MrW

when something is spiffing
thats propa bo i tell thee
by MrW May 31, 2005
an imaginary line joining all of the points just met by a wave propagating through a medium
wow - thats a pretty big wavefront man
by MrW January 18, 2005
from syed

gunshot gunshot- blaps u on da head
mob deep! pop pop pop
by MrW January 31, 2005
when something is propa bo
that is of the upmost quality
by MrW May 31, 2005
when something is Top noch
thats just fantabulous
by MrW May 31, 2005
masically- a wall named mart
i hung a painting on mart, he is my favourite wall
by MrW January 24, 2005
Chinola is a really crappy ICT teacher at my school but she now left. She has a big red chin and bright red cheeks and her accent is a mixture of english irish scottish and welsh.
she doesnt have a clue whats goin on in lessons and is a bit of a rasclat
whats the problem with that chinola bith? she ois a such a fucking gay
by MrW January 01, 2005

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