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when you get something for free
could be aything from a sample of shampoo to sweets sweetcollect music or anything at all.
one good source of free stuff is www.talkfreebies.com
by MrW January 18, 2005
when something is of the upmost quality
top bannana, you cant beat bannanas
by MrW May 31, 2005
tinky winky is a gay teletebbie with a tinky winky
tinky winky is a right utter gay
by mrw February 14, 2005
to smack someone in the face !!
blaps u on da head blad
by MrW January 31, 2005
when something is fantabulous
of the upmost quality
by MrW May 31, 2005
when sometyhing is spiffing/ absolutely great. it can be said to be wuperdooper,
word up my bredren that is superdooper, chin
by MrW February 01, 2005
when something is Top bannana
thats top noch mate, keep up the good work
by MrW May 31, 2005
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