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n. A bathing technique that involves grungy hippies or hair-brained liberals that are protesting getting hosed down with a fire hose.
That pot head welfare recipient is in desperate need of some hippy wash.
by MrTouchdown September 01, 2011
Noun. An excuse for in the case of getting caught sexting someone, regardless of medium (e.g. Twitter, cell phone, facebook, etc). Regardless of how you got caught, you can always claim you were hacked.
I didn't send that dirty picture of myself! I was Twitter Hacked!
by MrTouchdown June 02, 2011
A method of assassinating a person or persons by throwing a hand grenade into the bedroom in the dead of night; thus, the last "sunrise" they see is the explosion of the grenade.
If I don't get my money, the last thing you and your family will see is the Guatemalan Sunrise.
by MrTouchdown April 06, 2010
This is a synonym for the handicap stall in a bathroom. Can be for a male or female bathroom.
I love spreading out in the tard locker. It's spacious and if I get in trouble it has the handlebars there to keep me upright.
by MrTouchdown September 30, 2010

To both diminish and dismiss at the same time.
The White House disminished the town hall meetings as being a group of thugs and agitators that should be ignored.
by MrTouchdown January 10, 2012

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