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1. Used to express approval or agreement.

2. A response some bosses or executives expect after a question of status or quality of work
1st Person: I want you to clear out your desk.

2nd Person: Okie Dokie


1st Person: I need you to keep a record on those orders, and make sure to include the weekly gross.

2nd Person: I will make sure to do that, sir.

1st Person: You got that? keep up with those orders and don't forget the weekly gross amounts, Okie Dokie?

2nd Person: Okie Dokie.

1st Person: Okie Dokie, I'll see you next week.
by MrRadicalEd March 10, 2004
n. adv. S'OK or S'Okay
Contraction for: It is okay or It's okay

1. Used to express approval or agreement.
2. Fine; well enough; adequately: a television that works s'okay despite its age.
My mom said s'okay for the sleep over on Saturday.

Did I ever say s'okay to change the channel when American Idol was on?

I never knew you said s'okay to dump the can of paint on your car so I did so with great amusment.
by MrRadicalEd June 19, 2004
d1: Know from the television show The Screen Savers, Kevin Rose hosts a small piece called the "Dark Tip" that explains the "darker" parts of technology.

d2: Known by middle aged to elderly people as "hacking". People who do not understand a "dark tip" often become intimidated and are amazed at the people who know HTML, or know what a .RAR file is.
d1.e1: Dark Tip: Underground File Format
Figure out what those mysterious file extensions mean.

d1.e2: Dark Tip: Dark Deals
Get great prices on great gear.

d2.e1: That Kevin Rose is so clever. I never want him near my pc sniffing my packets.

d2.e2: Man that dude that does the dark tips is smart! He showed what programs get rid of spyware.. the best dark tip yet!
by MrRadicalEd March 15, 2004
1. Delivers advanced computing plus easy-to-use integrated digital entertainment—live and recorded TV, movies, music, photos, and radio—that you can enjoy when and how you want.


2. Bloated specified Windows XP supposedly to make listening and watching movies easier.


3. To cash in on another gimmick by creating more fluff.
Windows Millennium

Tom: Hey, Gregg, I just got the new Media Center PC. I can record stuff off of TV

Gregg: Oh a WinXP machine with a capture card? Yeah I've got that too..
by MrRadicalEd March 17, 2004
1. Used to refer to that one previously mentioned.

2. Used of a nonhuman entity; an animate being whose sex is unspecified, unknown, or irrelevant
What does that dealy there do?

My dealy is better than your dealy.
by MrRadicalEd March 09, 2004
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