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d1: Know from the television show The Screen Savers, Kevin Rose hosts a small piece called the "Dark Tip" that explains the "darker" parts of technology.

d2: Known by middle aged to elderly people as "hacking". People who do not understand a "dark tip" often become intimidated and are amazed at the people who know HTML, or know what a .RAR file is.
d1.e1: Dark Tip: Underground File Format
Figure out what those mysterious file extensions mean.

d1.e2: Dark Tip: Dark Deals
Get great prices on great gear.

d2.e1: That Kevin Rose is so clever. I never want him near my pc sniffing my packets.

d2.e2: Man that dude that does the dark tips is smart! He showed what programs get rid of spyware.. the best dark tip yet!
by MrRadicalEd March 15, 2004
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