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3 definitions by MrE26

To get so drunk you're unable to speak coherantly & simple tasks like walking, taking a piss & remembering where you live become impossible.
"Hoo yeti. Wassy out?"
"Aye, he's over there."
"Bestied up."
"Fucking pisshead."
by MrE26 November 11, 2006
An alcoholic.
"Jesus, that hobo's been drinking meths for the past 6 hours."

"Aye, he's a true unquenchable."
by MrE26 July 23, 2008
Has Lego hair, likes to get Bested up. Yeti!
"Where's Wassy?"
"Over there drinking Henny. Hes creased."
by MrE26 November 11, 2006