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When you can't make links, pics, or videos work in your posts on forums. You try to share a pic, but all the readers see is a red "X" at best. You try to share links, but everyone that tries to follow them get a collection of 404s. You try to share a YouTube video, but embedding has been disabled. Basically, you can't grasp some of the easiest internet related concepts.
Dayum, Jake can't get any of them pics working in the forum today... total chefail!
by MrBigAxe November 06, 2010
(verb) 1. what a girl who dates inappropriately older guys does. 2. to be in a relationship with a guy significantly older than oneself.
Did you see that old guy Ashley is dating? He's older than the last guy! I guess that nasty girl really does like to rock the wrinkle stick or something.
by MrBigAxe March 26, 2012
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