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abbr. Cyber League Players
the CLP tournament is tomorrow.
by Mr.X April 19, 2005
a place where gangs usually hang out.
A block, or corner in a Nighbor hood
by Mr.X March 12, 2005
fake- Unreal
Not normal
Mace Davis
Those cards are fake
by Mr.X March 27, 2004
to make fun of another person
Yo I slayed that dude in class today.
by Mr.X March 12, 2005
Pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie.......PIE!!!!!
See Tammy Gerrish
dont ask me, im just a (pi) girl. hehe
by Mr.X September 06, 2003
Someone who has been gay but doesn't want to be.But still masterbates to guys.
Oh Shit that still likes to mog
by Mr.X March 28, 2004
Japanese word for the act of commiting suicide. Some people tend to confuse this term with hara-kiri, wich is "belly cutting".
He has commited seppuku by slicing his throat with a knife.
by Mr.X March 02, 2005
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