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fart fetish. To derive sexual pleasure from sniffing a partner's fart. Can be fatal if practiced with an uber-gassy partner in a small enclosure with limited air circulation.
1. My best friend died while playing fartish with that fat bitch!
2. At least he died doing something he loved to do
by Mr. U-be-U May 25, 2008
act of committing fratricide by farting; fartricidal
The little farty-pant had dreams of fartricide at an early age. This tragedy was bound to happen :-(
by Mr. U-be-U May 25, 2008
Hexadecimal digits D, E, A, and D. Some programmers set 16-bit chunks in computer data mem to DEAD at boot-up, before apps are started.
While debugging that fuckhead's program, I dumped memory and it displayed all DEAD. I knew right then his mem pointer was all fucked up.
by Mr. U-be-U January 10, 2009
Short for:
1. Not Safe For Fucking
2. Not Sufficient Funds for Fucking
1. That bitch is NSFF
2. Mr Dick had NSFF so he settled for a BJ
by Mr. U-be-U January 10, 2009

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