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Not Safe For Facebook
Man I don't want to see your junk on my facebook feed, that shit is "NSFF."

I am both impressed and intimidated by the post
by Shoe Sniffer November 15, 2010
Not. So. Fresh. Feeling
(It's 90F + 85% humidity outside somewhere located in Philly/NYC/South/etc...)

"Yo(!) Jumpee... Have you ever gotten that NSFF stuff, you know... "Not-So-Fresh-Feeling," after walking 5 blocks? My drawls are SOAKED (again)!

Closely related to "swamp-ass/nuts/vag/pits..." Folks that don't wash their ARSE after dancing/walking/jogging a lot! Gym-Rats, DDR-fanboys, serfs, and the rest of you non-hygienic, dirty sheep!

by Bosc0-[B] May 02, 2011
Short for:
1. Not Safe For Fucking
2. Not Sufficient Funds for Fucking
1. That bitch is NSFF
2. Mr Dick had NSFF so he settled for a BJ
by Mr. U-be-U January 10, 2009

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