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A woman who is generally not concerned with her appearance and doesn't make any attempt to look womanly or sexy. Frumps are very common in the Seattle area. They need not be overweight but commonly are somewhat "doughy" and are characterized by lack of makeup (except for ugly art-school or Goth-style makeup), poorly-fitted, unstylish clothing, general lack of muscle tone or a tan. They sometimes wear very bright red lipstick or substitute teacher cat-eye glass to make themselves even less appealing to men although they are not dykes. They'll often complain loudly that they can't find a man yet make no attempt to present themselves in a manner that might attract a man (showing skin or cleavage for instance). They might even be somewhat attractive (do-able)if they made an attempt at dressing better and wearing makeup and/or a better hairstyle.
Wynonna Ryder is an example of a well-known frump (don't you hate the way she hides those awesome gland bags of hers beneath baggy shirts?)

I saw a group of frumps out for a walk wearing parkas and "Seattle Sombreros" (an ugly Gore-Tex rain hat) walking at Pike Street Market on a rare sunny day in Seattle.
by Mr. Tapeworm May 25, 2006
A mental disorder characterized by a fierce self-loathing to the extent that the person wrongly assumes all other cultures and races are superior to his own. Political correctness should be more accurately called political cowardice because people who comply with PC rules ignore facts just to avoid confrontation. Confrontation is what is needed in many cases to facilitate a frank and honest discussion of problems that are facing our nation and society.
Michael Moore is an example of Political Correctness. He's the idiot that wrote a book titled "Stupid White Men" when in fact he is one of the stupidest white men around. He obviously hates himself and has good reason for that. He would do us all a favor by just killing himself instead of criticizing everyone else.

Terms such as Asian-American and African-American are meaningless because Asia and Africa are huge continents containing many countries and people of many races. When black Algerian youths were burning cars in Paris some idiot reported referred to them as African-American. How stupid is that?
by Mr. Tapeworm June 21, 2007
To orally extract semen from someone's anus. Sometimes a straw is used for this purpose.
Tom corn-holed Mike then felched the load. The two of them then kissed and snowballed it.
by Mr. Tapeworm May 25, 2006
a slang phrase for male ejaculant. also known as cum, jiz, joy juice, man-jelly, spunk, spode, jit, jizm, white tears, chowder, dong phlegm, baby batter, coconut oil, tapicoa without the fish eyes, snake oil, man mucus.
I repeatedly shoved my veiny man-meat down her semi-willing throat and shot pecker snot all over her uvula.
by Mr. Tapeworm May 25, 2006
A sub-species of the Mullet. Generally recognized by a poorly-kemp mullet or even a rat-tail hair "style", molester mustache, poor hygiene, and commonly with bad teeth. The Hescher is often part of the motorhead crowd and is into anything violent or that involves vandalism.
No one famous comes to mind....likely because Heschers are so anti-social that one wouldn't have much of a chance at being famous.
by Mr. Tapeworm May 25, 2006
The little bit of toilet paper that gets stuck on your ass hairs and through the rubbing action of your ass cheeks is magically transformed into what looks like a very small joint. The butt doobie commonly falls to the bathroom floor as you pull your pants down when laying the second or third grogan of the day. The butt doobie may also make an appearance in your bed, especially if you bring a hot piece of ass home for some hot monkey sex. It's presence will totally embarass you and cause you to make the hottie do something demeaning like toss your salad or take it in the shitter so you'll still have the upper hand.
I was getting ready to slip the pink steel to this hot strumpet when she spotted a butt doobie in my bed. I had to give it to her in the brown-round and then make her lick the KY, shit, and blood off my cock to re-assert my respectability
by Mr. Tapeworm June 02, 2006
The thin disposable paper device provided for patrons of public toilets so their delicate ass cheeks don't touch the toilet seat which is probably full of dried urine and discharges from other people's anal boils. Can be worn around the neck and sort of looks like a vest when worn in that manner.
I had to hover above the bowl and do a bombadier because they were all out of Texas Dinner Jackets and there appeared to be some blood and feces on the toilet seat.
by Mr. Tapeworm June 02, 2006

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