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The secret plot every woman has for her man, and the methods she uses to implement her plot.
"My wife wants me to wear a plaid suit. I suspect her estrogenda is to get me to fit in with her Scottish relatives."

"Damn bitch and her estrogenda, not wanting me to watch sports or hang out with the guys."
by Mr. TVTL January 14, 2005
A verb used to describe the act of ramming a cock down one's left cheek and sucking on it while bitching endlessly about how men are such heartless bastards out the right side of the mouth.
"She Ruby Grooved me until my ball sac was empty and I was half-deaf."
by Mr. TVTL January 30, 2004
The blowjob a chick (or a guy for that matter) with no teeth gives.
Grandma took her dentures out and gave me whistlehead.
by Mr. TVTL April 11, 2004
Email that was originally composed by retards, idiots, morons, and other such stupid people. Re-mail can be spam, or it can just be something incredibly stupid.
"Saddam survived the US attacks thanks to GH-Releaser, the Growth Hormone Releaser." (Spam re-mail).
by Mr. TVTL February 15, 2004
The thuggiest thug that ever kicked it old-skewl Jesus-style in tha West SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE! The man with all tha h0ez, in all tha c0dez. The Ontario Cracker That Just Keeps Gettin' Blacker.
"Kid Sleepy B is my pimp." -- Kathryn Gilpin, aka IRC's Queentease/Sweetfat.
by Mr. TVTL January 31, 2004

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