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The Wall is a puzzle-esque rock opera by Pink Floyd. The story follows the rise and fall of Pink Floyd, a rocker who finds that fame is not everything. Set during WWII, the lyrics are both enchanting, haunting and frightening. The album includes much symbolism. Who are The Worms? What is The Wall? What role does Mother play? What does Pink mean by, "Goodbye, cruel world/I'm leaving you today"? What is The Trial? Questions like these are things you should keep in mind. Do not try to listen to The Wall in one sitting. You will not get it. If you want to extract the full meaning of the music, listen to each song and think about it. Listen hard to the background noises, the actual lyrics, and the change of voice pitch and emotion.

Figure out The Wall. You'll be surprised.
My 7th grade music teacher made us do a project on The Wall. One of the best albums ever.
by Mr. Squakity June 10, 2005
A rock opera written by The Who in 1969 revolving around the life of a deaf, dumb and blind boy recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the 20's-30's, set during WWI. Tommy becomes the "Pinball Wizard" with the infamous line, "That deaf, dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball."

1975 brought the release of one of the most controversial movies ever made. A human cry was upraised about Tommy because he gets molested by his Uncle Ernie and is beaten up by Cousin Kevin.

Probably one of the best albums known to our world and definitely to America in general. The Who are crowned as Gods.
I watched Tommy and listened to the album. I'm surprised that The Who would defy their limits with an album like this and rebel, causing a human cry.
by Mr. Squakity February 06, 2005
A band from Britain containing four powerful and intelligent members, Chris Martin (vocals), Jon Buckland (guitar), Guy Berryman (bass) and Will Champion (drums). Originally called Starfish, they first hit it big with their song "Yellow" which is on their debut album, Parachutes. Since their first album in 2000, they have released two more sensational albums, recently releasing X&Y which became the best-seller in Europe and America.

Coldplay gets a lot of crap from people who dislike them. It's either you love Coldplay or you hate Coldplay. However, Coldplay writes very philosophical lyrics and people complain and say that they want to be the next U2, but they sound nothing like U2, but they sound like Radiohead, but both bands are still stellar.

Chris Martin is currently the poster child for the Make Trade Fair charities and for OXFAM.
Coldplay does some amazing work both on and offstage. We all should be thinking about what they're doing for the world instead of maybe hating on them like many people like to do.
by Mr. Squakity October 02, 2005
A very delicious brand of local (Seattle) root beer that looks like a porno sign when you drive by.
I was going up to Alpental the other day and saw the XXX root beer sign, and I thought it was a huge adult toy shop, but then I remembered that we have a rootbeer factory here. I was like, "Aw hell."
by Mr. Squakity March 07, 2005
A word used to describe supreme ugliness, used in place of something like, "Gross!" or "Eww..." or any other childish word.
Bill: Omg, Bob, did you see that fat chick?
Bob: Yeah! Woof!
by Mr. Squakity September 27, 2004
Ghosts typically haunt older places or graveyards or homes that an untimely death has occurred in. While spirits know they are dead, there are spirits on Earth. Ghosts are unaware of the fact they are dead and acutally can harm you. Ghosts are easily captured on camera and on rare occasions can be seen with the naked eye. Ghosts also talk and on rare occasions you can hear them with your naked ears, but many times you need a tape recorder (or digital recorder) to hear them talking. Ghosts' personalities range. Some of them are vengeful and those are the ones to watch out for. Hauntings can get severe enough to posess an entire home. Those're my facts.
The Amityville Haunting is one of the most famous haunting hoaxes known to man. This involved the grisly murder of the DeFeo family. Pictures have been proven to show there are ghosts in the house.
by Mr. Squakity November 14, 2004
A useless word used to replace the word woot when you don't want to seem like a nerd, but you're proud to flaunt your dorkiness.
OMFG!!! We're going to watch ACDC on the television? Wizzizzoot!
by Mr. Squakity January 10, 2005

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