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Past hawt, shmexy, seckzy, secksy and secksi combined, haute is the only way to describe tons of celebrities who are so hot they almost knock you over when you see them.

Also another expression used in the same way as hot; could also be used to describe erotic or semi-erotic situations (much like the word hot tends to do).
Some really haute celebrities are: Jake Gyllenhaal, Adam Levine, Ewan McGregor and about a million others.

Oh my god, guys, wouldn't it be so haute if those two started holding hands? THEY'RE HOLDING HANDS IN MY MIND! LOOK GUYS LOOK!
by Mr. Squakity April 06, 2005
A word used to describe the numerous gasms you get whilst staring, listening to, or thinking of Adam Levine and his ultra sexiness. See also eyegasm, eargasm and orgasm.
Dude, I watched a music video for Sunday Morning last night and I had the biggest Adamgasm ever! Adam Levine! WOO!
by Mr. Squakity February 06, 2005

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