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3 definitions by Mr. Peezee

A person you fuck/have sex with (see Booty Call)
Her: "That's my nicca Tray..."

Him: "Bitch, you ain't my girl! You jus a cutta buddy!"
by Mr. Peezee January 05, 2004
10 6
1) A person who changes their gender (see: transgender shemale)

- or -

2) A person who changes their sexual preference.
Example 1

Samwise: "Wow! Look @ the tight lil ass on that girl..."

Frodo: "Samwise you idiot! That waitress is a sexpatriate! That used to be Legolas!"

Example 2

Marcus: "Damn...she's tight - she was seeing that nicca Tray, but I heard they broke up"

LaTasha: "Keep it movin', Marcus - she's a sexpatriate now - lesbo to the core."
by Mr. Peezee January 08, 2004
3 4
A dick (see penis)
"His peeter was hella big...that nicca knocked the bottom of my pussy out"
by Mr. Peezee January 05, 2004
4 6