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adver-noun. one who possesses breath which, in itself, possesses an aroma similar to that found within the anal regions of unkempt persons; the breath may or may not be visible in ALL temperatures, but the presence is identifiably by the turning of stomachs of those made to endure the stench.
Man, that girl is FINE as HELL, but she has ass breath!
by Mr. P March 01, 2004
To engage in sexual activity, usually in what is often referred to as "doggy-style," in a somewhat violent manner as to cause much volume from your victim, but much pleasure for both parties.
She screamed aloud as she lost her hip control while I was beating her back out
by Mr. P March 01, 2004
to suffer from any of the conditions directly related to the self-inflicted overuse of alcohol or other intoxicating substances containing alcohol;
That boy must be trying to commit alcoholicide. That fool has already drank a case of Coronas and is now taking shots
by Mr. P March 01, 2004
the act of pretending that one has more than he/she does, merely to impress those around him/her; perfect examples can be found within many rap videos and other forms of flamboyant media.
How somebody droppin' their first album gonna be bling-blingin' that hard? Them boys GOTS to be flougin that shit!
by Mr. P March 03, 2004
any of the indigenous creatures dwelling within the grody, unpleasant anal regions of the person. Agitation of said creatures may result in unpleasant conditions and relations between the person and their ass.
Man, you are scratching yo' booty a bit much, there, Buddy. Is your crackmonkey irritated?
by Mr. P March 01, 2004
a condition noted by a quaint smell, usually stemming from the armpits or crotch; can root from other areas, depending upon the type of contact that body part has had with other junglefunked body parts.
Man, smell like you got that junglefunk! You needs to go wash your ass!
by Mr. P March 01, 2004

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