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Definition of a circumsized penis
Rick - I'm 5".. not cut.. you?

Jamie - *blushing* I'm 6" and cut

Rick - OMG, you have a cut cock? Cute.. lemme see
by Mr. Merge June 30, 2005
Almost, or actually orgasming, over a piece of music.
Friend 1 : My ex used to eargasm to No Doubt singing Love To Love You Baby
Friend 2 : I was boshing off one night, and eargasmed over Scissor Sisters singing Filthy Gorgeous
Friend 3 : Nah, nah, nah.. Madonna's Justify My Love is very eargasm worthy!
by Mr. Merge May 24, 2005
Use 1 - Where you wank too much and your muscle on that particular arm is build up a lot.

Use 2 - An affliction, because of over-use it hurts when you are using it.
Example 1 - Whoa.. look at my wanker's arm - HUUUGE!

Example 2 - Ow.. hmm wanker's arm! *carries on anyway*
by Mr. Merge June 30, 2005
A man who has a thin strip of hair from his belly-button to his pubic region. Also known as treasure trail, or highway to heaven.
Oh my god, did you see the snail trail on him?

I was foolin' around with Brad last night, and he had a fuckin' snail trail, I was like - eeew!
by Mr. Merge May 27, 2005

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