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An obese, lying, wanna-be-Jesuit poker-playing pants-shitter. He's also been known to conveniently fall through the floor when asked to follow through on tasks he's willingly volunteered for. Aside from an occasional mustache ride from those sweet-assed University biscuits, he is for the most part unsuccessful with the ladies.
That hoppel really fucked us in the ass - looks like the paper's not coming out tomorrow!
by Mr. Mcskeet December 05, 2004
A salutation, similar to 'hello,' or 'goodbye,' but more spirited.
I have to go home and rub one off...Blizzo!
by Mr. McSkeet March 09, 2004
A bus devoted entirely to the corruption of young girls. This isn't just any molester van, this one's financed by Asian-pop-punk artists, and protected with the best law education Scranton can buy.
When the big one comes for your daughter, and you see her sad face looking back at you as the Holly-Trolly pulls away...then you'll know pain
by Mr. McSkeet December 13, 2004
A fervent explorer of Industrial America, and of the Male body.
He's a real I-beam...I better lock my door
by Mr. McSkeet December 13, 2004
Fatted upon.
That son of a bitch boltinghoued my car seat!
by Mr. McSkeet March 09, 2004
When your daughter lies to you about going to the movies with her girlfriends but she's really going to a gangbang.
Mom, Naz isn't out with Sarah, she's gettin' gangbanged. You got Nahz'd.
by Mr. Mcskeet September 20, 2004

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