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When a morbidly obese person farts so hard that it travels up their back going in between each fat fold and ends at the base of their neck.

The sound can be mistaken for that of a family of ducks being run over by a group of cyclists or a running motorcycle half submerged in water.
Say Jill, did you hear that comical noise, i believe that guy over there just fatted. Yes Pete, he was obese and he farted so that means that he fatted, now he will have to change his shirt.
by fat guy strangler July 24, 2011

The act of someone being fat or engaging in activities that would make them become fat.
"Count to three!" she said as she fatted, while chugging Gatorade, spilling the drink all over her chin, neck, and breasts.

"What a dragon..." I noted.
by Jardy B November 21, 2009
Verb. When someone obese sits next or close to you and their fat squishes into to your body. You were fatted.
This occasionally happen to people on trains, planes or buses.
On my home on the railroad a man fatted me against the window.
by Rkegs September 20, 2006
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