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paul is mostly known as the cute beatle (hottest, easiest to approach, most comfortable in public eye, etc.) but hes extremely talented as well...when he started to play guitar, he had to get a right-handed guitar and play it upside down and he had to strum the strings upwards instead of downwards... he had to alter it with piano strings for him to be able to play it normally...helter skelter is the best beatles song ever
paul mccartney kicks ass!
by Mr. Ed March 10, 2005
nickname for marijuana; many singers use this in their songs
"Last dance with Mary jane, one more time to kil the pain..."
-Tom Petty
by Mr. Ed March 08, 2005
Someone who despite constant failure, is unable to learn from these transgressions. Continues to do foolish and irritating things, which aggravate many people. They are not only a halfwit, but also significantly fucked in the head. Hence the term fuckwit.

Also can be associated with pathological liars, bullshit artists, and ass maggots.
DURR I AM TEH <random tards name here>!!, I EARRNS TEE 100K A YEAR!!!!! HURR HURR KEKEKE.
by Mr. Ed January 25, 2004
best fucking band in the whole damn history of anything...im so sick of those punk nu-metallers sayin shit like "o theyre goody-goody" and im like "fuck no they were kickass man"
Come back home, John and George...we miss you...
by Mr. Ed February 24, 2005
some talentless chick caught lip-synching on LIVE tv...what a dumbass...she had the nerve to blame her band for playing the wrong so ng..then she put a statement on her website saying she had to lip-synch because of, as she wrote it, acid "refux"...she was also booed offstage at the Orange Bowl Halftime show...she makes lame-ass attempts at being punk or tomboyish...she got her own fucking show for no fucking reason...
"hi im jessica simpsons little sister, because im related to someone only slightly talented i should be rewarded with my own show and record contract, even though i suck"
by Mr. Ed March 08, 2005
To the guy who said this: "A band who is really really over rated. Some songs are okay, but they're not that great. I'm tired of people telling me how influential they were. and I am not one of those linkin park fans either. I hate linkin park and modern rock, rap, hip hop, and other really bad music. I love Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Boston, AC/DC, BTO, Foreigner, etc, but the Beatles are over rated."...ok buddy most of the bands you listed there wouldnt be nearly as damn good as they are if they hadnt been infuenced by the beatles...
beatles kick ass forever
by Mr. Ed March 02, 2005
the beatles are the greatest ever...they are so talented and i love all their songs. i seriously have never heard a beatles song that i didnt like. they were so ifuential to so many other bands too...and to all those people out tere who say they were tame and goody-goody, think again bitches!!! nobody ever hears about how insane they were in hamburg...they fucking rocked the place...they were wild...fucking awesome...
"It's not that I condone fascism or any ism for that matter. Ism's in my opinion aren't good. A person shouldn't believe in an ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon. I don't believe in Beatles I just believe in me. Good point there. After all he was the walrus."
-Ferris Bueller
by Mr. Ed March 03, 2005

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