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When you accidently piss down a chick's throat while she's blowing you.
I was afraid that if I got up to take a leak, Suzy wouldn't continue with my blow job. 5 minutes later, I waterpicked her.
by mr. blump October 13, 2005
A hairpiece for the crotch. Contraction of "pubic" and "toupe"

toupe, pudwig, snapperdoo, crotchmop
"I contracted syphyllis during the Great War. After the shave, I bought a poute."
(Coined by Dave)
by Mr. Blump November 04, 2005
Prounounced Poo-tay. A hairpiece for the crotch.
A contraction of pubic and toupe.
(Coined by Dave)
"On arriving back home after the Spanish American War, it appeared that I contracted Syphillis. After my shave I ordered a poute from the wig shop"
Synonym: Merkin
Antonym: Toupe
by Mr. Blump November 04, 2005
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