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Undoubtedly the greatest guitarist to ever have graced the face of Gods green earth.
Jimi Hendrix informed the world of this during a concert at Hyde Park, England.
Rory Gallagher was born in Rock Hospital, Donegal, Ireland and christened in Rock Church, Donegal.
The composer and performer of such great songs as "Out On The Western Plain", "The Mississippi Sheiks", "Lonely Mile", "Wheels Within Wheels", "Tattoo'd Lady", "Calling Card", "Big Guns", "Slumming Angel" and "Double Vision", etc.
This rock and roll GOD/LEGEND/SUPERSTAR/GENIUS(Etc.) must be checked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The greatest Guitarist ever!
The greatest Irishman ever!
The man is a Legend!
Rory Gallagher reeks of awesomeness!!!
by Mr. Alan April 07, 2006
Anything which exudes coolness or awesomeness may be refered to as reeking of awesomeness, it may reek of awesomeness.

After completing a task to a high standard with little or no effort, a person may be told that they reek of awesomeness.
Good game Dude, you reek of awesomeness.

That chick you pulled last night had a sweet ass, you reek of awesomeness.
by Mr. Alan April 07, 2006
Commonly referred to as fore play, the act of fore play. Can also be used to refer to anything which is deemed to be sexy or items used for sex, ie. vibrators, lubricant, condoms, porno mags, etc.
Dude, that bitch wont stop nagging me but I have to say I do love the sexy stuff.
by Mr. Alan April 07, 2006
To hobnob means to chat and share a laugh and a drink in the presence of other people at a function or party.
I do love hobnobbing at all those various hobnob do's that I do go too.


Quit yo hobnobbing beeatch before I bitchslap you round the face!!
by Mr. Alan April 07, 2006
Commonly refered to as streak of piss. A tall skinny male, who is lacking in any muscular authority whatsoever. Can also be used to describe a female who is extremely skinny and who looks unhappy.
That guy who works in the chemist is just a streak of misery.


She looks like a streak of misery, I would like to give her a sandwich.
by Mr. Alan April 07, 2006
Butt-furr is the lint found in ones arse-crack. Can also be used to refer to the hair that grows in ones arse-crack.
Dude, that lady has got monsters residing in her butt-furr.


Hello there sexy lady, I would rather like to see your butt-furr.
by Mr. Alan April 07, 2006
Someone who is without a sandwich may be refered to as sandwichless. Someone who is a streak of piss or a streak of misery may also be sandwichless.
I would like to offer that sandwichless person a sandwich.


Ha ha, that person does not have a sandwich and therefore they are sandwichless
by Mr. Alan April 07, 2006
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