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It refers to people who make and/or take stupid risks. This slang term is greatly used on the East Coast.
Don't worry shortstop we on our way.
---METHOD MAN (from the movie, Belly)

This is referring to T-Boz pulling a gun on Method Man. Then all of a sudden his boys pulled all they guns on her.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant May 30, 2005
"Ghetto Fabulous" = nouveau riche.

"Ghetto Fabulous" is taking the urban style, attitude, and sensibility and elevating it to a hip fashion trend with a little help from newly acquired wealth.
New money turns you Ghetto Fabulous don't it?
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant June 09, 2005
to have sexual intercourse.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant October 05, 2003
An act of picking on someone caused by anxiousness for another high.
If you catch anyone tweeking, they're drug of choice is controlling 'em.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant June 04, 2007
1. When one marries another, especially when it's for the wrong reasons OR to shield advances from others.

2. A sexual encounter that involves a female having a dick in her mouth and another one in her pussy and/or bootyhole.
Girl, why you wanna fingercuff that man when you know it's just for his money?
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant May 02, 2007
Illegal procedures, especially to get things done.
Why most cops use street justice?
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant May 20, 2005
1. Anyone who has to pretend to be someone/something their not in order to avoid deserving consequences.

2. Anyone who has a story or style that`s not the truth; full of shit.
Homegirl always act like she broke and drives a 2005 Chevy Malibu. That chick is a actor. She act so much, she could win a oscar.

An example of a actor is "VENUS" in the movie "HUSTLE AND HEAT." It's also called "RIDE OR DIE."
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant March 09, 2006

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