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1) n. What company executives use when they want to feature people of color in their commercials.
Hmm... how will we apeal to today's young African-American market without losing caucasian customers... I know! We'll get the BEP! There's a group of blacks that white people can enjoy!
by Mr. Stabby March 17, 2005
1) Duke of New York.
2) A Number 1.
UH! Happy Birthday! UH! UH! Happy Birthday! Birthday!
by Mr. Stabby March 16, 2005
1) Making up for past injustices and prejudices by reversing the victims and oppressors.
2) An excuse used by minorities in order to justify commiting crimes.
1) I'm so glad people are willing to pay a gay man money in order to promote a message of equality.
2) Yo Honor, dat jury is RACIST! They ain't treatin' me wif no equality.
by Mr. Stabby March 16, 2005
When reading a fortune, add the words "in bed" to the end of the sentence. Hilarity ensues.
You will make friends with a new co-worker... in bed.
by Mr. Stabby March 16, 2005
The most oppressed ethnic group in today's American society. Feminazis, Affirmative Action, and the new form of equality have caused this large minority to be constantly told that they are inferior (especially to women). Remember, everyone else must get special treatment (especially the gays) and receive favors and money (especially the racial minorities) for free because they're unique and different. Anyone who disagrees with this statement is nothing but a prejudiced bigot. It is selfish to stand up for your own people and not worry about others, right MLK?
I don't have a problem with treating people fairly, but as a straight white male I always get treated unequally.
by Mr. Stabby March 17, 2005
A game (usually played on a bus) in which two opponents try to push each other as far into the aisle/window as possible whenever the vehicle makes a turn on the attacking opponent's side. The defending opponent has to either keep himself from falling into the aisle and being embarrassed or keep his body from being crushed severly against glass and metal.
I owned my friend in the turn game and he fell into an 11-year-old girl in the seat next to us.
by Mr. Stabby March 16, 2005
Someone who can't keep his hands out of his pants, even at the most inappropriate times. Often has great difficulty spelling four letter words. Often accompanied with the first name Daniel.
Dammit Stapleton, get your hands out of your pants!
by Mr. Stabby April 20, 2005
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