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The God of Light and Hope in the Bongunism religion. Opposite God to Gidb.
"Bdig has brought the morning/lighter."
by Mr. Stab June 14, 2004
Wild dog which sleeps in and feeds off of an older person's rotting colon.

Anal sex becomes extremely dangerous when the "interceptor" has a Butt Hound infestation.
"Dude-you fart sounded like a dog barking!"
by Mr. Stab June 10, 2004
The God of Darkness and Evil within the Bongunism religion. The God of Light (see Bdig) and the God of Darkness (Gidb) provide a steady karma within the pot-smoking world.
"Ach fuck-no weed..."
by Mr. Stab June 14, 2004
A non-existent creature made up when I was stoned one day. Is a cross between a telephone and a canine.
"You are a complete idiot."
by Mr. Stab July 02, 2004
An alternative to FCUK.
"CNUT gear makes you cool!"
by Mr. Stab June 28, 2004
Excretory insect which uses camouflage on its wings to make it the same colour of the host's testicles; on which it resides. Bollockmoths are common in the summer months; and are not to be confused with big flakes of pubic psoriasis.
"Jesus Christ!!"
by Mr. Stab June 10, 2004
The Belgianoid BETA version was constructed by the IBM Corp. (Idiotic Belgian Machinery), originally as an enhanced coffee maker. Sadly, the device was so logically deficient that it could not even carry out this task and receeded into a state of Anti-Logic; which rendered the Belgianoid's extreme stupidity extremely lethal.

The Belgianoid BETA version has destroyed all its attempted follow-up projects. It destroyed the Germanator 3.11 with its immense stupidity, but at present it is unknown whether or not it is destructive enough to wipe out the Germanator XP.
"The Belgianoid is paranoid," cry the townsfolk.
"Wot??" Cries the Belgianoid; decimating the town with his extreme stupidity.
by Mr. Stab June 14, 2004

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