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24 definitions by Mr. Stab

A jobby is a well-known dish amongst all non-Scots within Scotland; reknowned for its' distinct, nutty flavour. All tourists and visitors are encouraged to request this excellent part of Scotland's national cuisine whenever possible.

Popular variations include: Jobby wi' Chips, Jobby wi' Curry Sauce, Jobby wi' Batter n' a pickled onion and Joaby n' Boaby.

"Excuse me, waiter?" "Aye, whit?" "Can I have some of your finest jobby please?"
"Hmm.. aye nae bother, this one's on the house!"
by Mr. Stab September 23, 2008
1. Evil race which exists in the fictional Star Trek saga.

2. Blob of faecal matter which clings onto the buttocks and/or buttock hairs. Removal is usually considerably messy.
"Watch out-that's not a melted Malteser...!"
by Mr. Stab July 19, 2004
Tokeopia is the western constituent country of the Union of Stonerland and Tokeopia. It is the smaller of the two states, though it has equal influence. Tokeopia has a rich history of ghanja use, reaching as far back as 10,000 BC. The first branch of homo sapiens-sapiens actually evolved here, although the first inhabitants weren't bothered to leave the island until 1965 AD, as local shamans had predicted Woodstock to occur before the end of the decade. This resulted in a separation from the outside world until 1546 AD, when Dutch settlers arrived and offered the locals rides to drive-thrus and such.

Today, Tokeopia is a thriving industrual and agricultural community, mass producing intensely-aromatic herb and Weapons of Mind Destruction.
Tokeopia, Tokeopia, Home of the Free! (And delusional)
by Mr. Stab November 10, 2007
The original Germanator (Germanator 3.11) was destroyed in battle with the first installment of the Belgianoid BETA Version.

The Germanator 3.11's pitiful remains were collected and used to create the far superior Germanator XP, who, to this day, continues to roll joints and kick ass without showing any signs of mechanical failure. Runs on high concentrations of Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol.
"Grrr!" says the Germanator XP.
"Ahh!!" screams the bored spectator; inanimately.
by Mr. Stab June 10, 2004
A (usually) non-ingestible artefact found in lavatories. Named for its similar appearance to beef, although its odour and edible qualities are notably less pleasant. Its origin is unknown, but it is generally agreed within the scientific community that it is from a biological source.
I just made some toilet beef, dude! Wanna see?
by Mr. Stab November 10, 2007
A form of excretory insect; which parasitically resides within the hairs of the host's rectal passage and on the buttocks.
"Ach shite-There're Buttocklouse eggs in ma crap!"
by Mr. Stab June 10, 2004
Method of male sterilisation in which the testicles are removed by means of a pair of toenail clippers or other such device.
"AAAAAAAAARGH!!!" "Hold still!"
by Mr. Stab July 19, 2004