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to do something in spite of the risk that it implies.
Sometimes you have to take chances if you want to succed!
#chance #risk #risky #danger #hazard
by Mr:- January 11, 2011
Expression referring to something that is going to take a long period of time.
You can also say: "in the long term" or "for/in the short/medium/long term".
* Learning English is an investment for the long term.

* You have to pay your bills in the short term.
#in the long term #in the short term #for the short term #long #term
by Mr:- January 11, 2011
he´s kind of a mammal that lays eggs. His face shape is like a duckbill. Beaver-tailed and otter-footed animal.
i think a platypus is just like a random animal as he has parts of a lot of different animals¡¡
#duck-billed #platy #monotreme #duckbill #otter
by mr:- January 01, 2011
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