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In the UK, an anti-American is one whose outlook is generally opposed to US foreign policy, but who is not stupid enough to despise Americans as a consequence.

This stance is commonly mistaken (largely by the idiots in charge of US foreign policy) as being "anti-American"; however, just as it is quite reasonable to hate Justin Timberlake and still love music, it is easy to see how one may dissociate the US government and the American people - especially since the former was not even elected by the latter.

A minority here actually ARE anti-American as a result of US foreign policy, but they are ill-educated buffoons, and can be disregarded.
That Bush - what a total wanker. My mate Bill from Seattle agrees with me completely. Call me anti-American if you must...
by Mozzer September 12, 2004
Vehicle of Halliburton
Worthless Deserter
Massive, Gigantic Arsehole
Robber Baron
Fool of the Universe
Negligible Little Tosser
That George W Bush. He is such a waste of oxygen.
by Mozzer November 02, 2004
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