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2 definitions by Mousebagg

the act of chopping off one's fingers, usually done with a sword or other large blade. Nomullas are always followed up with a chant.
Mazon: Dude Bofuck, I am going to nomulla you if you stare at me like a creepass one more time!!

Bogart: Let us all chant after watching that beautiful nomulla!! HOOZAH!! HOOZAH! HO SHAMI SHAMI ZAH!!
by Mousebagg January 29, 2010
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slang for drinking alcohol, taken from the popular song by T-Pain
Kid: Hey you wanna blame it and play some Nazis vs Jews?
Boy: Fuck yeah!!

Bogart while blaming it: MOMMY!!!!!
by Mousebagg February 20, 2010
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