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word that describes a person that is easily been hurt emotionaly and tends to stay away from the people who use this word to describe their onion skin feelings.
You always Mafelt every time she sees your mistake.
by Morris Eugedo March 18, 2008
a word that describe a person that wear's high quality looking low cost garments, bargained items, fake and fancy jewelries and acts as a person with a certain kind of wealth through their voice intonation and the way they act in a party or in a function or social gatherings.
She is a soussy type of girl who always mess out the party.
by Morris Eugedo March 18, 2008
a word which is derived from the suspense movie "chuckie" and "the bride of chuckie" this is a synonym for ugly or never the less horrible face.
She is so Chucka on that cocktail dress.
by morris eugedo April 21, 2008
is a word that describes a totally nerd, and a book worm person who always make his move by the book and according to the book and talks only what is written on a book that he or she have read.
He is a bookie type of person who always insist his idea based from gathered news.
by Morris Eugedo March 24, 2008

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