73 definitions by Morgan

the act of jamming your big toe up anothers ass then remove it and cram the shitified toe down their throught
by morgan October 24, 2003
the post-coital act of putting a used condom back into the vagina, ideally without the girl's knowledge......a great practical joke !!
when she awoke in the morning and used the bathrom she found the fortune cookie i left her.
by MORGAN August 11, 2003
expression used when someone has done something really dumb.
Courtney trips and falls on her face
Morgan says "good wiiin"
by morgan October 30, 2003
slang for the stretch marks that form on the anus when one receives penetration excessively
you could see the spokes on her from taking it in the rear entrance
by morgan August 08, 2003
1) Machine used to mow lawns, trim grass, and various weeds
2) Illegal mexican alien resident who snuck across the border holding a pinata, ten bottles of whisky, and a shitload of dirty mexican PCP Sometimes has retarded last name that is shameful due to a redneck father duping his dirty mexican mother into having sex. Tries to cover it up with a more obviously mexican name. Characterized by inability to communicate properly with others; exhibits an extreme fondness for tacos and other stereotypically mexican foods
Matthew Titcomb (a.k.a. Matthew Benitez)
by Morgan August 05, 2004
Whena person takes the first sound of each syllible of a word, and adds 'theg' to it.
Dthegog ((dog))
Cthegat ((cat))
Mthegorgthegan ((morgan))
by Morgan February 06, 2005
A silly, ignorant, or non-thinking person.
Dingo:What are pickles made out of?
by Morgan February 05, 2005

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