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Going down on a girl with hopes of reciprocation, when instead she says she is going to the bathroom and never comes back.
"Oh man, I was pretty sure a bj was in the cards with Jenny but it ended up being Fool's Gold."

"I put in my time but all I got was Fool's Gold."
by Moopers March 31, 2008
Being sent some sort of message that contains only the word "fag."

Intended to make your friends feel stupid about themselves. Ideally used in gchat, where you send the message and then instantly sign off so the person cannot respond, or in text messages from someone else's phone where the number is not recognizable. Various other very creative forms of 'fagging' are emerging worldwide.
"Who texted you?"
"I don't know, man. I just got fagged."

"Hey, can you fag my friend for me?"
"Yeah, give me the number.... Ok, I fagged that bitch hella bad!"

"Fisher, you mean to tell me you got a letter in the mail that just said 'fag.' in it?"
"Yeah, I got snail mail fagged"
by Moopers April 01, 2008
The unnaturally GPS-like sense of direction, even in strange locales, possessed by one of your friends with the nickname of "Gee" (you know you got one).
"Trust the GeePS, dude! We'll get there, take a right!"

"Are you sure?"
"How sure?"
"Umm, Well i'm using fuckin' GeePS"
"Ok, sweet"
by Moopers April 01, 2008

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